About The Artist
American Abstract Sculptor, Michael Hanes was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania. He attended Mercyhurst College where he studied studio art, art education and art therapy. He obtained his Master of Art Therapy from Wright State University. Over the past 15 years, he has been published extensively in professional journals and is author of the book, “Roads to the Unconscious: A Manual for Understanding Road Drawings.” Michael’s art therapy website can be found at www.artpsychotherapy.com.

Approximately one year ago he decided to return to art and sculpting. Since that time, he has achieved remarkable success and recognition through his own unique style of abstract tower sculptures. He offers abstract sculptures for sale to private and corporate buyers worldwide. His sculptures are now held by numerous individual collectors around the United States and the world. Michael’s work continues to grow in popularity as he receives continued exposure in galleries, museums, exhibitions and Ebay auctions.

Michael’s studio is located in Edmond, Oklahoma. His work ranges from table top size to in excess of five-feet in height. His organic and sensual style is a compliment to any Eames, Saarinen, Panton, Jacobsen, Betoia, or Knoll décor.

Artist Statement

Every material has its own individual qualities. Wood, for example, can have a hole fashioned through it and not be weakened. On the principle of the arch, it can remain strong and the hole links one side to the other making it more three dimensional.

The sculptor must strive continually to think of, and use, form in its full spatial completeness. Each of my sculptures has a vitality and life of its own, independent of the object it may represent.

The humanistic organic element is an important fundamental component of my sculptures. Sculpture should always at first sight have some obscurities and further meanings. It should not immediately reveal all about itself, rather there should be mystery and ambiguous meaning to the observer.

The female figure is what interests me most deeply, but I have found inspiration in the study of natural objects, as well.


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